Tuesday, September 3, 2013


I though omy "Cyber Friend"  Serena at Thrift Diving www.ThriftDiving.com when I found it. Don't ask me why. Maybe because she is so thrifty and I got this out from behind a dumpster!!!!!!

It is solid metal. Weighs  about 50 pounds. It is missing one drawer but for some reason I had to have it. It is rusty....not sure what to do about that. But the drawers open fine. Not sure how old it is but it is OLD! And hey how could I go wrong with FREE?

So do you have any ideas?

The bottom is rough so I was thinking of adding a base somehow and maybe some casters???? How to do that on metal.....I don't know but I'm hoping ill figure something out. Wheels would make it 
much easier to move around. I've also got to figure out something for that missing drawer. I'm thinking of removing the one on the opposite end for symmetry? The drawers are almost like magazine boxes in shape when opened. Not sure what I will use it for but man I am excited!! 

I would LOVE your input.

Ciao for now

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