iPinit: June 2012   

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Happy Father's Day!!!!!

So i was looking for something unique and fun to give to my husband this year. I also wanted to get the kids more involved. I found this cute idea on none other than Pinterest. http://pinterest.com/pin/263671753154244858/ You can download and print the Graphics from the site.
I have tons of scrap booking supplies so I picked paper, boarders and stickers that coordinated with the graphics.

I used an 8x10 frame purchased for $6 from Hobby Lobby and two pieces of black poster board from the Dollar Tree ($2). Using Pinking shears, I cut the poster board in half and around the edges. The next part was the fun part. Asking two five year olds why they love Daddy was funny. They came up with some pretty weird things. My nine year old spit out a poem so I had to wring him in and get him to tone it down. I didn't have THAT much space!

Using chalk, I wrote their responses on the black poster board. We were ready to go. With camera in hand we went out front and began to take pictures. It was so easy.
I printed the pictures here at home and began to piece the frame together. Viola!

If only I had noticed the plastic pool in the background before the kids changed back into their play clothes! Oh well live and learn right! But Daddy Loved it and that is what counts.....plus he didn't notice the pool. HEE HEE

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Pink Lemonade

OK So My husband and me were watching Bride's Maids and he asked me "how do they make Pink Lemonade?" I wasn't quite sure. Are there really pink lemons??? No Way! So I decided to find out and let all of you out there that do not know how they make Pink Lemonade PINK!

According to Wikipedia, -(Pink lemonade may be colored with the juices of raspberries, cherries,  red grapefruit, grapes, cranberries, strawberries, grenadine or artificial food dye. Though pink-fleshed, the ornamental Eureka lemon is not used as its juice is clear and typically too sour to drink.

The New York Times credited Henry E. "Sanchez" Allott as the inventor of pink lemonade in his        obituary: At 15 he ran away with a circus and worked in a lemonade concession. One day while mixing a tub of the orthodox yellow kind he dropped some red cinnamon candies in by mistake. The resulting rose-tinted mixture sold so surprisingly well that he continued to dispense his chance discovery.[7]

Another theory, as recorded by historian Joe Nickell, in his book Secrets of the Sideshows, is that it was Pete Conklin who first invented the drink in 1857 when he used water dyed pink from a horse rider's red tights to make his lemonade.)


I Don't know about you guys but Pink Lemonade made from water dyed from a horse rider's red tights is pretty gross! Could it even taste like lemonade?

SO there you have it Mr. Bill. No Pink Lemons here just plain ole' fruit juice or your rival Food Dye! I think I may try the cinnamon candies in a homemade lemonade to see what that taste like. Stay tuned.....I will not be using horse rider's tights or any other article of clothing for that matter. I think it would take more than lemons to cover that up.

Ciao - Kris

Thursday, June 7, 2012

These Guys are AMAZING!!!!

OK so we purchased a foreclosure in 2009. I t is a great house but needed some updating and cosmetic changes. Luckily w have a friend in the business.  The Cabinet Shop New Braunfels http://www.thecabinetshopnb.com/ We had acquired this awkward fireplace in our living room tha literally just protruded out of the center of the wall. "What the H@*! am I suppose to do with this?
We had to put the TV in the corner. UGH! SO in comes Adam Henshaw with a vision that no man can resist! He completely redesigned the wall that housed the fireplace. Not ripping anything out just covering up and in the process improving. Now look at this!
I took this from the kitchen because that was the only way to get it all in! This is amazing. He built in the tv and helped us wire the surround sound speakers. My husband is in Heaven. Now I just need to get the tile done around what is left of the protruding eye sore fireplace and it will be complete.

Adam also did a wonderful job replacing our front door. We were left with the original construction door from 2001. You can see it in the background. He made us a mahogany double door. Just look...

As you can see some of the walls have also been painted. Adam's wife Amy is an amazing decorator and can really see color. I recommend using them if you ever need cabinets, doors, custom furniture, etc/
Ciao- Kris

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mountain Dew Glow Sticks

OK I saw this post on Pinterest http://pinterest.com/pin/82542605640850292/ and I thought to myself "WOW Mountain Dew will glow if you add baking soda and peroxide!" What is in this stuff??? I personally do not drink it nor do I allow my kids to. I thought man if this really works, no one should drink this. So I decided to give it a try. I measured out exactly 1/4 of the bottle of Mountain Dew. Since I used a 20 ounce bottle I used 5 ounces. I added the "tiny bit" of baking soda (very vague) and then the three cap fulls of peroxide. We went into the bathroom, closed the door and my son shook it up. NOTHING! I was a little disappointed but also relieved at the same time. So this didn't work for us. Let me know if you have a solution that will work. I would love to try it.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Rockin' Redneck Wine Glasses

Yes I said it. ROCKIN' REDNECK. Hey Rednecks deserve to have classy things too. I think we all have a little redneck in us somewhere.  I came across these glasses on my favorite site EVER...........Pinterest. http://www.thecraftybug.com/?p=121  I loved them but was wondering if I could "dress" them up a bit. I knew that it would be hard using the Ball glasses because of the writing on them and I remembered that the Wal-Mart brand Mainstays didn't have any design at all. I purchased a case of pint jars for about $8. I purchased a case of candlestick holders for $12 at the Dollar Tree. I decided to head to Hobby Lobby. I took one of the glasses in with me to try out various ideas. I ended up in the Jewelry Making section. I found these great pendants that fit perfectly. I decided that I could to add some beads to the the hole in the top of the candle holder to match the pendants I found for the glasses. The pendants were about $1-$4 a piece and the bags of beads $.99 each.

The instructions said to use a glass glue called E6000. Some of the other Blogs used silicone but glass glue sounded good to me. I started with clean dried glass. I began by laying out the pendants that I had found at Hobby Lobby. I decided to do two of each glass. I spread the E600 glue on the back of the pendants. NOT TOO MUCH! I then placed them in the center of one of the sides of the jars. I laid the jars down so that the pendant did not slip off while the glue was drying.

Now on to the sticks. I used sand paper and roughed up the top of the candlesticks. I picked out mini colored beads that matched the pendants on two sets of glasses and poured them into the base of the candle stick. When the jars were dry, I spread a generous line of E6000 glue onto the rim of the candlesticks. Do not spread so much that it drips. Just a thick line all around the top. I then placed the Jars on the top of the candlesticks and pressed firmly. I looked down into the bottom of the jars to make sure they were centered. I then filled the jars with water and let them sit over night. This weighs down the jars so they will not slip during the drying process.

The next morning......Viola!

For these Glasses I used pieces of glass used for mosaics. I formed them into a cross. Love em!

I think these are my favorite. I used bronze pieces used for bracelets. I glued owls onto the pieces and then added crystals for the eyes. I still thought they needed something so I added bronze jewelry wire and wrapped it around the glass to give them an extra HOO HOO.

Use your imagination. Dress it up a bit. Just because it says "redneck" doesn't mean it still can't be classy or cool.