iPinit: Happy Father's Day!!!!!   

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Happy Father's Day!!!!!

So i was looking for something unique and fun to give to my husband this year. I also wanted to get the kids more involved. I found this cute idea on none other than Pinterest. http://pinterest.com/pin/263671753154244858/ You can download and print the Graphics from the site.
I have tons of scrap booking supplies so I picked paper, boarders and stickers that coordinated with the graphics.

I used an 8x10 frame purchased for $6 from Hobby Lobby and two pieces of black poster board from the Dollar Tree ($2). Using Pinking shears, I cut the poster board in half and around the edges. The next part was the fun part. Asking two five year olds why they love Daddy was funny. They came up with some pretty weird things. My nine year old spit out a poem so I had to wring him in and get him to tone it down. I didn't have THAT much space!

Using chalk, I wrote their responses on the black poster board. We were ready to go. With camera in hand we went out front and began to take pictures. It was so easy.
I printed the pictures here at home and began to piece the frame together. Viola!

If only I had noticed the plastic pool in the background before the kids changed back into their play clothes! Oh well live and learn right! But Daddy Loved it and that is what counts.....plus he didn't notice the pool. HEE HEE

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