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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Rockin' Redneck Wine Glasses

Yes I said it. ROCKIN' REDNECK. Hey Rednecks deserve to have classy things too. I think we all have a little redneck in us somewhere.  I came across these glasses on my favorite site EVER...........Pinterest. http://www.thecraftybug.com/?p=121  I loved them but was wondering if I could "dress" them up a bit. I knew that it would be hard using the Ball glasses because of the writing on them and I remembered that the Wal-Mart brand Mainstays didn't have any design at all. I purchased a case of pint jars for about $8. I purchased a case of candlestick holders for $12 at the Dollar Tree. I decided to head to Hobby Lobby. I took one of the glasses in with me to try out various ideas. I ended up in the Jewelry Making section. I found these great pendants that fit perfectly. I decided that I could to add some beads to the the hole in the top of the candle holder to match the pendants I found for the glasses. The pendants were about $1-$4 a piece and the bags of beads $.99 each.

The instructions said to use a glass glue called E6000. Some of the other Blogs used silicone but glass glue sounded good to me. I started with clean dried glass. I began by laying out the pendants that I had found at Hobby Lobby. I decided to do two of each glass. I spread the E600 glue on the back of the pendants. NOT TOO MUCH! I then placed them in the center of one of the sides of the jars. I laid the jars down so that the pendant did not slip off while the glue was drying.

Now on to the sticks. I used sand paper and roughed up the top of the candlesticks. I picked out mini colored beads that matched the pendants on two sets of glasses and poured them into the base of the candle stick. When the jars were dry, I spread a generous line of E6000 glue onto the rim of the candlesticks. Do not spread so much that it drips. Just a thick line all around the top. I then placed the Jars on the top of the candlesticks and pressed firmly. I looked down into the bottom of the jars to make sure they were centered. I then filled the jars with water and let them sit over night. This weighs down the jars so they will not slip during the drying process.

The next morning......Viola!

For these Glasses I used pieces of glass used for mosaics. I formed them into a cross. Love em!

I think these are my favorite. I used bronze pieces used for bracelets. I glued owls onto the pieces and then added crystals for the eyes. I still thought they needed something so I added bronze jewelry wire and wrapped it around the glass to give them an extra HOO HOO.

Use your imagination. Dress it up a bit. Just because it says "redneck" doesn't mean it still can't be classy or cool.



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