iPinit: July 2012   

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Waiting for School To Start

I LOVE my kiddos but I can't wait for school to start. We have been so busy this summer that I have neglected all of my Estate Sale finds, craft ideas and up-cycling projects. I literally have JUNK everywhere! I am looking forward to  August 27th when the kiddos go back to school and I can get back to work on my "Oh so many projects!" and share them with YOU!

Stay tuned..........I have things broken down and ready to sand and paint. I will create something AWESOME!

ciao for now


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Texas Roadhouse Rolls

OK So My Friend Amy found this recipe on Pinterest for Texas Roadhouse Rolls. She tried it and it didn't work out so well for her so I decided to try it myself and share the results with you. Here this is the post, http://pinterest.com/pin/280912095477943946/

My friend said that hers turned out more like biscuits so my immediate thought was they didn't rise long enough. Here are my results:

I followed the recipe as directed and ended up with this:

After the initial rising, I spread the dough out onto a floured piece of foil then folded it over and transferred it to the baking sheet. I then pressed it evenly to fill the sheet. I cut the dough into squares using a pizza cutter, sprayed them with olive oil, covered and let it rise.

I brushed it with melted butter an placed it in the oven. Unfortunately I do not have a convection oven, however, the rolls turned out great. They were yeasty, buttery, hot and good!

This was a great recipe. Follow it. don't skip steps. YUM!

cio for now - Kris

Red River New Mexico

Sorry guys but this is the best place ever if you live in Texas! http://www.redriverskiarea.com/

You are within driving distance and they always have snow. We like this spot because it is kid friendly, laid back and not the resort style ski area.

kudos to Sarah Dorrance

ciao for now

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Terrarium in A Light Globe

OK So I told you I saw this creative way to make a terrarium using glass bowls. Well this is what I found on Pinterest. http://pinterest.com/pin/216876538275040190/

So I posted my wonderful treasures that I found while out at the sales this weekend. One of my treasures was this clear globe fixture that goes over a light. When I saw it, I remembered the pin above on Pinterest. The one they are using appears to be a bowl as it does not have the lip that the one I found has. Anywhoo........I purchased mine for $1.

I went to one of my favorite stores today............The Home Depot............and I found these baby succulents. I don't know about you but these things look really weird and almost prehistoric like. I purchased three of them for about $5. I wanted my bowl to lay on it's side like the one in the pin but it is completely round. I figured if I shifted the weight of the soil, plants and rocks, the bowl would stay in place on it's side. Well guess what????? It DID.

My plants are tiny but with lots of TLC I think they will grow to be nice succulents. And the bowl looks great in my purple bathroom.......Yes I said Purple.

ciao for now


Saturday, July 7, 2012


Thanks to my friend Shawnna from http://shawnnapoor.blogspot.com/ I am now addicted to another amazing site. Estatesales.net

If you have not yet discovered this site, go there NOW! I found some great deals on things that I know I can turn into something amazing. This is what I found:

Old wooden desk. It appeared to be used as a sewing table and has been over painted a deep green. But for $35 I figured I would be able to sand it and make it into something great.

Chest. It has been painted yellow but it is wooden with metal hardware (which has also been painted yellow). It is ARMY green on the inside so I think it may an old ARMY trunk. But for $25 I had to buy it. This too will be sanded. I think I can line the inside with fabric. Not sure about the outside yet. I am sure Pinterest will get my get my creative juices flowing.

Old Coleman Lantern Box. I came across this old red box with a handle. When I opened it, It had an old Coleman Lantern inside. I really didn't want the lantern. I just wanted the box. Luckily the lady next to me said she wanted the lantern and not the box so we split it. $4. I think it will make a great birdhouse.

Bowling Ball. I came across an old black bowling ball and I thought I remembered seeing something on Pinterest about decorating bowling balls as garden art. I remember thinking to myself "Where am I going to find a bowling Ball?" Well guess what???? I Found one and for $1.

Old Stool. I saw this little stool and thought for $10 it was cute............or could be. It needs to be sanded and I think I will try to put a cushion on the top. I may be able to use it in my bathroom as a make-up chair or in my closet as a place to sit down while I put on my shoes.

Dome Light Cover. I saw these cute terrariums on Pinterest. So when I found this dome for $1 I had to get it and make one for the guest bath. So that will be project number one. (since it is the easiest).

So there you have it. This should keep me busy for a few days. Any ideas???? Pass em my way. Don't forget to check out Estatesales.net. You can find some awesome stuff close to home.

ciao for now

Monday, July 2, 2012

Ser Gioveto - Toscana Red Wine

OMG is all I have to say. If you love red wine, wether it be Cabernet, Merlot, Pinot Nior, etc.....you will love this wine. It is a blend of Sangiovese, Cabernet and Merlot grapes which hails from Castellina in Chianti Italy. This wine is aged in oak barrels for a period of 9-14 months. This wine has a berry beginning but finishes with a bold spice that is almost tobacco like. Don't think about your father's pipe....well maybe if he is smoking a dark cherry blend tobacco. It smells so sweet.

Anyway.....this wine retails for $49 a bottle, however if you have a Gabriels http://www.gabrielsonline.com/ you can fine this wine on sale occassionally on ther "2 fer" isle. You get two bottles for $47. This is a deal NOT to be missed people.

I love to try new wine. Gabriels allows us to try some "good" "hoity-toity" wines for a reasonable price.

Enjoy with a good steak, fajitas, burgers or just hangong out with the girls.


ps: I did not see this on Pinterst but after this post it will be there so pass it on folks.