Thursday, September 18, 2014

Best Decals/Stickers EVER!!!

I am just your average mom blogger. I am not looking to make money from my blog. I just do it when I can. I recently received an amazing offer from kidecals.com.

Being a mom of two boys that play baseball, these decals/stickers came in very handy. I labeled my oldest son"s bags, gloves, and bats......YES he has more than one of each! We play year round for a select baseball academy in our area. I placed one on his bag, one on his glove and one on his bat.  We are two weeks in now and the stickers are still on.

I was also interested in seeing how these labels held up with "mommy" items......Like my plastic wine glasses from GiVino.
Me and my friends love these glasses, however, we haven't found a way to personalize them.
thanks to KidCals.com, I believe we have a solution.
I placed a Kidcal on one of these glasses for an experiment. this is the picture before:
They say that the labels are waterproof......
This is the same glass after washing in the dishwasher on the top shelf on high heat.
There was a little bubble on the edge(but you can't see it), however I contribute that to the curve of the glass and not the product itself. So far, the labels are great. They have held up through baseball four days a week and wine just as many times.

I put these labels on my son's backpack for school and all of his baseball equipment.

I would absolutely recommend KidCals for labeling ALL of your personal items. Baseball is an everyday thing for us and if these labels can stand up to that then they have my approval.

These labels/Decals are great. You can personalize your own at http://kidecals.com.

Happy Labeling

Ciao For Now 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

OK I AM MAD....(as in Crazy)

So I was on my way into town yesterday for an appointment. Town for us is about 17 miles (for now).  I came to an intersection and on the right is a vacant lot. Many times you will see truckers parked there. I'm assuming it is some sort of unofficial rest stop. Anyway.....I noticed that there is one of those "Recycling Dump Boxes" in the far corner. And what do you think was sitting there beside the box?????? A Chair! A vintage wood dining chair!

The wood was in tact. The seat had three cigarette burns in it and numerous stains........but hey replaceable. I could not believe it! Why would someone throw this out?

So let's back up a couple of weeks............I have two vintage dining chairs in my "STASH." I had wonderful ideas for them. So I began the makeover faze. Well when I went to pick the fabric to recover them with I found three that I loved. YES three. I could not pass them up so I purchased all three fabric patterns. My dilemma???? I only had two chairs!

GOD is good I tell you. I asked "please let me find another chair so I do not have to choose which fabric to NOT use."  Now I have have my third chair.

Stay tuned for this freebie transformation.

Thanks for looking.

Ciao for now!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Rusty Plant Stand Makeover

So after swooning over all of those wonderful finds, I decided to start with something easy. This piece seemed to be calling my name from the moment I pulled it out of that dusty old storage building.

It is a LARGE two tier plant stand that folds for easy storage. There were a couple rusty spots with flaky paint. I used a wire brush and scraper and removed all of those chippy pieces. I decided that this piece would look amazing in a Turquoise color.  I chose Restoleum 2X Ultra Cover in Seaside. I love this paint. It has even coverage, is inexpensive and very easy to use.
This is what I ended up with.........................LOOOOVE!

As soon as the color was finished, I knew exactly where it would go. This deserved to be more than just a plant stand. I remembered seeing these round glass tops at Walmart. 
I purchased two of the glass tops for about $7 each. They were not exactly the same size as the sections in the stand but they would work. I also added Bumpers to the bottom of the glass to keep it from rubbing against the metal.
And Viola! 
I am in the process of putting together our guest room. I have the bedding but no bed. Now I have a table. This is perfect because the colors I chose for the room are gray and turquoise. This piece will make a nice accent table. This piece is pretty big too. SEE........
These are the Twinkies standing next to it. They are seven! I hope you enjoyed this transformation. Stay tuned for more of my "Storage Score Makeovers."

Ciao for now!

Monday, July 21, 2014


So....Once again I was stalking Craigslisters. Scrolling anxiously through every post until I found what I have to say is the BEST score EVER! The title read "Household Furniture." So you have to look right? Well when I opened the ad I almost fell out of my chair! The ad was for a storage unit full of furniture items. "MUST TAKE ALL" it says for $100. WHAT?

I was so afraid that I was too late but evidently The Lord knew I needed more on my plate so I got it!

There was so much more stuff than I could see on the original post. So this it what I scored:
Two twin beds (or bunk bed with ladder), three night stands, two desks, six chairs, three lamps, two book shelves, chest of drawers, lawyers book case, kitchen cart, TV stand, two wood dinner trays, metal plant stand, sports equipment organizer, oak file cabinet, 40 beanie babies in sealed packages, a rug, and various other little items.

All of the furniture is oak except the TV stand, sports equipment organizer, plant stand and one desk!
I am so excited and have so many ideas for all of these wonderful finds.

And those lovely Beanie Babies..........Well I lost control of those the minute they walked in the door.

 Thanks for looking. Stay tuned for updates on the makeovers.

Ciao for now!

Thursday, July 17, 2014


So I was doing some Craigslist thrifting and I cam across a few items that I just had to have. I swear I can spend hours on that site. I have some ideas for these pieces. Let me know your thoughts.

I have seen this technique called "liming" on Pinterest that I have been wanting to try. HERE is one example of a table that I LOVE! I think I finally found the piece to use. Granted it isn't round but it is big and I think it will make a great first piece. I will keep my eye out for that round table. I just love that look!

I also found these AMAZING chairs. I love them and honestly the only thing I believe I'm going to do is paint the wood. I'm thinking cream and distressed. The picture does not do the color of the fabric justice, but believe me it is pretty. It is this sea foam green color and velvet. They will make a nice addition to my library.......Yes that chaos of book shelves behind them!

Let me know what you think. I'm open to suggestions! Stay tuned for the finished products.

Ciao For Now!


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Chalk Paint........HOMEMADE!

I finally did it! After seeing countless tutorials for homemade chalk paint on Pinterest, I finally decided to take the plunge and try it for myself. I read through as many as I could stand and I finally
decided that the mixture with the calcium carbonate was the one for me. http://pinterest.com/pin/257197828691499079/

This recipe seemed to be the most economical and it does not harden like most of the other recipes I found........which to me is a waste of good paint! A little goes a long way with chalk paint.

I have to admit that I did tweak the recipe a bit. I used the following:

1 Cup paint (get wild with that color!)
3 Tbs. Calcium Citrate powder - (you can find this at any health food store and most grocers) I couldn't find the calcium carbonate so I figured this was close enough.....it works.

Mainstays (Walmart brand) pint mason jars

Pour 1 (one) cup of water into a pint mason jar. Using a permanent marker, mark at the water line. Pour out the water. Pour the paint that you have chosen into the mason jar, filling to the the line. Add 3 (three) Tbsp. of the Calcium Citrate powder. Gradually add about two tablespoons of water. The paint will seem thick at first but it will this as you stir in the water. add more water if needed but only a lithe at a time. You want the paint to be about like pancake batter. Not too thick and not too thin. I used a small wooden dowel to stir my paints. This also served as a paint color sample stick for me when I was done.

I always use Sherwin Williams paint. It is a personal preference not a requirement for the recipe. I just feel that I get more for my money with the SW samples.

Enjoy your paint.

Ciao for now!


Friday, February 7, 2014


Ok so it is a HI of 37 today. 37? Really? This is south Texas people! C'mon. So what does one (a Texan of course) do on a dreary, icy south Texas day???? You morph into a crafting crazy person!

I had purchased these 8 frame photo collage frames at Walmart a few months back. They were on a clearance rack for $9 so I picked up one in every color! Why not right? I could use them for something, eventually, one day....maybe! Well today was the day.

As a crafter, I have a smorgasbord of crafting supplies on hand at ALL times.  So decided to turn this lovely yellow frame into a Weekly organizer dry erase board. With three kids in three different activities, I need a place to write down all of the places we need to be so that my husband and myself can stay on track.

I had stacks of unused scrap booking paper in a drawer so I fumbled through my stack ant picked out some coordination patterns that I believed looked good with the yellow frame.

Using the pretty little piece of paper that came in the frame as my template, I proceeded to cut out one piece of patterned scrapbook paper for each section of the frame.

The next step was to place the days of the week onto each piece of paper. Days of the week (clap, clap) days of the week (clap, clap)....ok it is early cold! So...using my Cricut cutting machine with the Opposites Attract cartridge and black sticky vinyl, I cut out the names of the days of the week along with the words "Our Week".

I carefully placed the words onto the scrapbook paper being careful to note the direction of the paper within the frame so that the words would read properly. I replaces the back of the frame and viola! An "Our Week" dry erase frame! Dry erase because the glass from the frame allows you to use dry erase markers to track your week and erase when necessary! Love it! 

I have Red, Turquoise, Purple and Black. Each Frame is 4x6. Want one for yourself but don't want to make one??? Shoot me a message. I sell them for $25 each.

So what crafts do you do when you can't play outside due to the weather?

Ciao for now!