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Thursday, July 17, 2014


So I was doing some Craigslist thrifting and I cam across a few items that I just had to have. I swear I can spend hours on that site. I have some ideas for these pieces. Let me know your thoughts.

I have seen this technique called "liming" on Pinterest that I have been wanting to try. HERE is one example of a table that I LOVE! I think I finally found the piece to use. Granted it isn't round but it is big and I think it will make a great first piece. I will keep my eye out for that round table. I just love that look!

I also found these AMAZING chairs. I love them and honestly the only thing I believe I'm going to do is paint the wood. I'm thinking cream and distressed. The picture does not do the color of the fabric justice, but believe me it is pretty. It is this sea foam green color and velvet. They will make a nice addition to my library.......Yes that chaos of book shelves behind them!

Let me know what you think. I'm open to suggestions! Stay tuned for the finished products.

Ciao For Now!


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