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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

OK I AM MAD....(as in Crazy)

So I was on my way into town yesterday for an appointment. Town for us is about 17 miles (for now).  I came to an intersection and on the right is a vacant lot. Many times you will see truckers parked there. I'm assuming it is some sort of unofficial rest stop. Anyway.....I noticed that there is one of those "Recycling Dump Boxes" in the far corner. And what do you think was sitting there beside the box?????? A Chair! A vintage wood dining chair!

The wood was in tact. The seat had three cigarette burns in it and numerous stains........but hey replaceable. I could not believe it! Why would someone throw this out?

So let's back up a couple of weeks............I have two vintage dining chairs in my "STASH." I had wonderful ideas for them. So I began the makeover faze. Well when I went to pick the fabric to recover them with I found three that I loved. YES three. I could not pass them up so I purchased all three fabric patterns. My dilemma???? I only had two chairs!

GOD is good I tell you. I asked "please let me find another chair so I do not have to choose which fabric to NOT use."  Now I have have my third chair.

Stay tuned for this freebie transformation.

Thanks for looking.

Ciao for now!

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