Friday, February 7, 2014


Ok so it is a HI of 37 today. 37? Really? This is south Texas people! C'mon. So what does one (a Texan of course) do on a dreary, icy south Texas day???? You morph into a crafting crazy person!

I had purchased these 8 frame photo collage frames at Walmart a few months back. They were on a clearance rack for $9 so I picked up one in every color! Why not right? I could use them for something, eventually, one day....maybe! Well today was the day.

As a crafter, I have a smorgasbord of crafting supplies on hand at ALL times.  So decided to turn this lovely yellow frame into a Weekly organizer dry erase board. With three kids in three different activities, I need a place to write down all of the places we need to be so that my husband and myself can stay on track.

I had stacks of unused scrap booking paper in a drawer so I fumbled through my stack ant picked out some coordination patterns that I believed looked good with the yellow frame.

Using the pretty little piece of paper that came in the frame as my template, I proceeded to cut out one piece of patterned scrapbook paper for each section of the frame.

The next step was to place the days of the week onto each piece of paper. Days of the week (clap, clap) days of the week (clap, clap)....ok it is early cold! So...using my Cricut cutting machine with the Opposites Attract cartridge and black sticky vinyl, I cut out the names of the days of the week along with the words "Our Week".

I carefully placed the words onto the scrapbook paper being careful to note the direction of the paper within the frame so that the words would read properly. I replaces the back of the frame and viola! An "Our Week" dry erase frame! Dry erase because the glass from the frame allows you to use dry erase markers to track your week and erase when necessary! Love it! 

I have Red, Turquoise, Purple and Black. Each Frame is 4x6. Want one for yourself but don't want to make one??? Shoot me a message. I sell them for $25 each.

So what crafts do you do when you can't play outside due to the weather?

Ciao for now!


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