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Thursday, June 7, 2012

These Guys are AMAZING!!!!

OK so we purchased a foreclosure in 2009. I t is a great house but needed some updating and cosmetic changes. Luckily w have a friend in the business.  The Cabinet Shop New Braunfels http://www.thecabinetshopnb.com/ We had acquired this awkward fireplace in our living room tha literally just protruded out of the center of the wall. "What the H@*! am I suppose to do with this?
We had to put the TV in the corner. UGH! SO in comes Adam Henshaw with a vision that no man can resist! He completely redesigned the wall that housed the fireplace. Not ripping anything out just covering up and in the process improving. Now look at this!
I took this from the kitchen because that was the only way to get it all in! This is amazing. He built in the tv and helped us wire the surround sound speakers. My husband is in Heaven. Now I just need to get the tile done around what is left of the protruding eye sore fireplace and it will be complete.

Adam also did a wonderful job replacing our front door. We were left with the original construction door from 2001. You can see it in the background. He made us a mahogany double door. Just look...

As you can see some of the walls have also been painted. Adam's wife Amy is an amazing decorator and can really see color. I recommend using them if you ever need cabinets, doors, custom furniture, etc/
Ciao- Kris

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