Wednesday, May 30, 2012


OK so those of you who know me know that we purchased a foreclosure in 2009. Well along with that came 10 years of grout stains. I tried the Shark, the Monster and all kinds of cleaners. I finally found something that worked and guess what???? It came from the Dollar Tree! That's right $1. I tried the Pinterest posts but most required the use of bleach and that is just too fumy for me. So while browsing through the Dollar Tree one Day I found a product called LA's Totally Awesome Tile Grout Cleaner.

Our Grout was so gross that a simple spray would not work alone so I decided to use the Dollar Tree Quick Eraser along with the cleaner. Guess what????? It worked. I only have about 900 sqft of tile but the grout made me sick to look at. Who knows what was under there????? YUK! Clean your tile people...it can be done cheap. I Love Dollar Tree. The image is of the same tiles, however the lighting was different as you can see but you CAN see the grout.

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