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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Teacher Gifts

So school ended last week and we are all really excited that summer is finally here. The twins graduated from pre-school and I was looking for something unique to give to their teachers. So what did I do? Why I went to Pinterest of course. I found these great planter gifts that were decorated with chalkboard paint and had a ruler painted around the rim.  http://pinterest.com/pin/276901077059310316/ "What a great idea!" I said. So off to Home Depot I went. I spent $5.00 for two pots about 6 inches in diameter, $5.00 for a can of Rust-Oleum Chalkboard Paint and $4 for two begonia plants. I already had soil and thanks to my love of crafts, I had plenty of acrylic paint for the ruler.

I was surprised that the chalkboard paint dried so quickly. I am talking seconds. It was hot outside so maybe that had something to do with it but I was extremely happy because I could start my project right away. I am very impatient and I hate to wait! I then painted the top ring of the pot yellow (I did have to wait for this to dry). I wrapped a measuring tape around the top of the pot exposing enough of the top to make markings for the ruler. I used a permanent marker instead of paint. Much easier, quicker and less mess. You will find that if you are trying to make the ruler EXACTLY like a ruler it will not work as the circumference is not exactly even. So I improvised and when I got closer to the end, I made my marks a little wider and I just turned the pot so that those marks were in the back.

I wrote "Thank you for helping me grow" on the pot with yellow chalk and Viola! I went a little further and glued a gift card to a pencil and stuck it in the pot but the pot alone is a great gift and easy to do. I would definitely recommend this project.

This is my finished product

Happy Pinning....Kris

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